Austerity Blues

As you may have noticed, all of CUNY is operating on a shoestring these days. Barefoot, even. That means that we’ve lost funding for a Director of Undergraduate Studies position and thus have no one to mind this particular store.

Nonetheless, there are valuable resources for instructors of 304*, 306, 307*, and 252. Especially for first-timers, there is a wealth of material to get you started, from syllabi to assignments to examples of student work. Feel free to reach out ( if you’d like to join one of the “groups” for each course: no promises, since this is strictly pro bono and volunteer, but I’ll do my best to connect you with what we have on the sites and with one another.

  • our site uses the old numbers for 304 (338) and 307 (395). I’ll try to fix, but see above re: constraints on time/budgets.
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