Need an onramp? The GC has an onramp…

Many of us are scrambling to figure out the fully online mode of teaching now. Whatever we might have done in March (and I was away, myself), it wasn’t likely to represent our most, ahhh, composed and planful pedagogy.

There are lots of local resources to help in this planning, from ACERTs site and workshops to ICITs lists of tools and practices. I’ve recently discovered the GCs site on online teaching, which is splendid and one of the best overviews of the topic I’ve seen anywhere.

It’s particularly strong on guiding our practice with Zoom, which is where the rubber meets the road for most of us trying to capture the spark of live discussion in face-to-face instruction. The documentation goes beyond the basics of configuring and using the service, thinking about how best to foster engagement in this strange, often alienating space.

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