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Recap of meeting with 306 instructors

This week I met with Nico Israel and Mark Miller about English 306 (Introduction to Literary Theory). Both have extensive experience teaching the course, and we tried to articulate some broad goals and best practices to guide faculty who teach … Continue reading

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Ideas for the last week of class

Congratulations: the hay is mostly in the barn, as one of my coaches used to say. But what to do with the final session? We often–myself included–end with a whimper rather than a bang: we’re tired, the students are tireder … Continue reading

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recap of December 2018 meeting with 252 instructors

This week I met with, or corresponded with, a handful of 252 instructors. We focused on the issue of culminating assignments (in most cases, final essays) and meandered from there into broader discussions of the aims of the course and … Continue reading

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