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I’ve doubled down this term on something I’ve done sporadically in my face to face teaching: surveying students online. It’s a good idea for lots of things: figuring out what they know, taking the temperature on work load, etc. I’m teaching a course on Faulkner this term, so it seemed useful to find out what students have read. Fascinating: fully 2/3 of the 22 students have not read a word of Faulkner’s work:

In the Age of Covid, I included a question about how students are coping with distance learning and life. The results are illuminating if sobering: bandwidth issues, insufficient access to quiet time and space, unemployment, mental health issues, and child care issues have all come up. And that’s just with my first section. I’ve put each of these comments into my roster/gradebook so I can track back and remind myself who has asked for extra regard or TLC from the get-go.

Here’s the template, if anyone wants to try it. Just pour a stiff drink before reading results.

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  1. Karen Greenberg says:

    Thank you for this and for all the help and advice you’ve been sending us. And I’m SO grateful for the documents and templates you generously share. Thank you Jeff for making my life easier and calming me down about everything I’m trying to to do this semester.

  2. Don’t mention it and thanks for reading! Since we’re officially a cooperative now at LitHub, feel free to share any ideas/experiences that you’d like to be shared here.

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